CenturyLink, a leading provider of internet and communication services, has been making headlines recently with its latest developments. From new partnerships to mergers and acquisitions, here’s a look at the most notable CenturyLink news:

CenturyLink and Infinera Partner to Deliver Advanced Network Capabilities

In February 2023, CenturyLink announced its partnership with Infinera, a provider of intelligent transport networks. The two companies will work together to bring advanced network capabilities to CenturyLink’s customers, including improved network performance, higher bandwidth, and greater flexibility. This partnership will enable CenturyLink to offer better services to its customers, while also strengthening its position as a leading provider of network solutions. read also about outdaughtered 2022 sad news

CenturyLink Acquires Managed Hosting Services Provider, Hostway

In January 2023, CenturyLink acquired Hostway, a managed hosting services provider based in Austin, Texas. The acquisition will allow CenturyLink to expand its capabilities in the managed hosting and cloud services markets, and provide its customers with a wider range of services. Hostway has a strong presence in North America and Europe, which will further enhance CenturyLink’s global reach.

CenturyLink Partners with VMware to Deliver Hybrid Cloud Solutions

In December 2022, CenturyLink announced its partnership with VMware, a leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology. The partnership will allow CenturyLink to offer its customers hybrid cloud solutions that combine the benefits of both public and private clouds. This will enable businesses to run their applications and workloads in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible, while also maintaining control over their data and infrastructure. let’s read about movies newport news

CenturyLink Introduces New Fiber Network in San Francisco

In November 2022, CenturyLink introduced a new fiber network in San Francisco, California. The network is designed to provide high-speed internet access to businesses and consumers in the area, and will support speeds of up to 10 Gbps. This new fiber network will help to drive innovation and economic growth in San Francisco, while also providing CenturyLink with a competitive advantage in the region.

CenturyLink Enhances its SD-WAN Offering

In September 2022, CenturyLink announced enhancements to its software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) offering. The enhancements include increased security features, improved network visibility, and better application performance. These enhancements will enable businesses to better manage their network traffic, reduce costs, and improve their overall network performance.


CenturyLink has been making significant strides in the telecommunications industry with its latest developments. Its partnerships and acquisitions have strengthened its position as a leading provider of network solutions, while its new fiber network and enhanced SD-WAN offering will provide its customers with better connectivity and performance. As CenturyLink continues to innovate and grow, it will remain a major player in the telecommunications industry for years to come.


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